RV Storage Tips

The following tips are broad based guidelines for placing your recreational vehicle in to storage and do not necessarily cover all makes and manufacturers.  You should check your owners guide for guidelines that are specific to your vehicle.

  1. The best way to deter rodents from taking up residence is to remove all possible food sources and nesting materials.  This could include things you may not have thought of such as paper products, soap and even toothpaste!
  2. Prop all doors to any appliances open.  This includes freezers, refrigerators and washers.
  3. Be sure to empty all grey water and waste water tanks.  
  4. Make sure everything is turned off including propane tanks.  Not only will this prevent the possibility of having a dead battery, but it also decreases the chances of an accidental fire.  Be sure to cover the propane tank regulator.
  5. If the RV you are storing is a pull trailer or 5th wheel, it is strongly recommended for added security that you attach a hitch lock.
  6. Pull all window coverings down.
  7. Close all roof vents and windows.  If condensation occurring is a concern, use a chemical-type dehumidifier.
  8. Cover the tires and secure with a bungee to keep covers in place.