Space Guide: What size is best for you?

Let us help you save time, space and money by ensuring that you are using the optimal unit size for your storage needs.


Unit Size

Space Comparison

Storage Examples

3x6 to 6x6

Half bathroom or closet-Equivalent to a 4x8 trailer

Dresser, several boxes, small furniture, smaller items

5x10 to 6x10 

Small room or walk-in closet

Equivalent to a 10ft moving van

Washer and dryer, several boxes, furnishings for one bedroom apartment, smaller items

8x12 to 10x13

Average bedroom

Equivalent to a 15ft moving van

Several boxes, furnishings from a one bedroom apartment with refrigerator or washer and dryer

12x12 to 10x15

Large Bedroom

Equivalent to a 20ft moving van

Two bedroom apartment or small house without appliances, several boxes, and smaller items

10x20 to 12x20

Small one-car garage-Equivalent to a 24ft moving van

Furnishings from a two to three bedroom home/apartment with appliances and many boxes or a car or truck

12x28 to 14x30

Large Garage

Equivalent to a 26ft+ moving van

Furnishings for a three to five bedroom home/apartment with all appliances and many boxes or a car, truck, or boat

10x50 (Outside parking)

Secure, extra-large parking space

Outside storage for motorhomes, boats, cars, trucks, etc.

Still unsure of what size you need?  Give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you in planning your storage needs!